Apr 21 2009

Painting with Light

Here is the video which I basically promised in my last post.

Motion tests on location (HD)

As Markus wrote below, these locations were very creepy and yet intruiging and inspirational. In the film clip you will see some (of many) motion tests we did on Sunday April 19th. These are tests without a SteadiCam (actually spelled with an “i” here) to see how much motion blur and painting with light we get with rapid camera movement. I therefore slowed many of the clips down to 30-50% speed to see the motion. It looks very nice and works for some things, but other parts obviously requires steady and smooth camera movement.

It’s a shame that 60% of the quality and detail of the video gets destroyed when Youtube converts the video file. Oh well… Oh, and since Markus didn’t want to be “the actor” you are stuck watching me again. ^^

When we get our Steadicam-rig I am sure that we’ll post some tests featuring that too, but that might be the last video we will show here before we start shooting the film. During the shoot we will probably only show photos from the production.

Also please note that all of our clips, featured on Youtube, uses free audioswap music which is “OK” – but not even remotely close to the music which we will use in the film later on.

by intelligentlight

Apr 20 2009

Unfinished Tales

We have changed a few key elements in the story outline – Not only do they fit the theme better than the initial ideas (That basically weren’t much more than fragments.), but they also encapsulate a slightly more effective sense of slow and gradual isolation that is crucial and much needed here.

Yesterday’s visit to an utterly haunting and strange place fueled the inspiration as well.

The screenplay will focus on two relationships that disintegrate simultaneously and the idea that something bad must be destroyed in order to create or release something good. The tale itself that breaks in two is just an allegory for this process. I’m pretty sure that we have found a theme that works this time.

by Markus

Apr 20 2009

Location reconnaissance

Fast forest chase scene

"Fast forest chase scene - with VFX"

Hello again,

We were “on location” for the first time yesterday (Sunday, April 19th) and we did many video and audio tests. Overall the day was a success and I am currently editing and playing around with some of the footage from yesterday. We managed to find some of the awesome actual locations which we will use on the shoot in July/August. We did not however find the main site, but we have a pretty good idea of where to find it.

We did lots of different video tests and maybe I’ll put those up on YouTube.com later this week and link it here. We haven’t got our new tripod and SteadiCam system yet, so these tests were done with a cheap(ish) tripod and shaky hand-held style. We did pan-, timelapse-, zoom- and chase-tests with the camera to see the results with and without postproduction. Full-sensor 1080p video differs, compared to 35 mm film, when it comes to fast pans and shaky camera movement. We now know what works and what to avoid.

We also did various audio tests recording voices, ambience etc.  in stereo, surround with different quality settings: 96 kHz / 24-bit and 48 kHz / 24-bit etc. with different mic gains. We’ll send those to our audio/foley guy later this week.

You can see a still from one of the many chase scenes above.

by intelligentlight

Apr 15 2009

The first draft

…is not finished…


The story outline is basically done… As always, there are some ideas that may not work and others that work well but, on the other hand, don’t feel too intriguing. The real challenge lies in forming the non-working ideas into working and believable ones.

Still, the outline already has the foundation for the characterization, the main events and the core of the conflict with a conclusion. With this film, taking place during one night with three (Maybe more, but no less.) extremely critical turning points, we’re gonna try to avoid the “typical” story that goes from point A to B to C. Instead, we’ll try to make the simplistic story revolve around the intervention of fate, chance, bad luck or whatever you want to call it. In this also lies the challenge to construct the script differently than other movies that utilize the concept of “chance”.

We’ll see where it goes from there…

by Markus

Apr 14 2009

April update

Hey again!

A lot of things has happened the last few weeks during pre-production of “Project C”. (We basically have a name for the movie now, but we will announce that later this spring.)

To make a long story short, our pre-production so far is this: get a budget (done), finalizing the script (50% done), production schedule July/August (tba), equipment (basically done), camera rigs (tba), sound equipment (done, new boom needed), electricity (done), transportation (done), props (far from done), food and lodging (done), film equipment (done), lighting (done, for now), film (memory in this case, done), external memory and backup units (done), music (maybe), foley artist (done), adr artist (done), editing and vfx solution (tba) etc.

Two of the five actors are at the moment are a big maybe, but we’ll see further down the road. A few of the extras and other actors are also somewhat “done”. We will however have an audition sometime in June.

We will do some recon this week “on location” to find the perfect spots for filming; places with good lighting, free from sounds/noise and available electricity. We will also start doing extensive surround sound/stereo tests on location soon.

Since we all have regular day jobs, which we focus on, we only work on some week nights and on weekends.

by intelligentlight