May 9 2009

May update

We got our SteadiCam/SteadyCam-system now and a also brand new film slate – the first imported from India and the second from Shanghai. ^^
‘Gotta luv eBay! Since May will be an extremely busy month IRL for both me and Markus I think that we will do our SteadiCam-tests in the end of June (and post the result here). The main pre-production will continue in the last two weeks of June and all of July and we will shoot the movie in either the end of July or August. It might not be dark enough at night, during July in Sweden, so right now I’m thinking August. Either way, we should be able to shoot it in 3-5 days, which is 20 days less than our last production – so this shouldn’t be too much work.

Priority one at the moment is CASTING and in about 6-8 weeks we should have a full cast ready. We have some “maybes” at the moment and I’m waiting for various people to get back to me regarding both lead- and small roles and then audition time! The cast will be presented/official during post-production, i.e. after the film has been shot.

The production bible is coming along nicely; I’m pretty much trying to get the entire production into one document, similar to a design document in game development. This one however will not include the script, but will have all necessary information regarding the entire production and (hopefully) answer any questions the team might have.

On another note: I spent about 3 hours last night one somewhat of a pre-production for our next film, which we will create during the summer and fall/winter of 2010. The reason for this was because I got an epiphany and I had to update the story outline and the production design. This movie “Broken Circle III: Parallax” (2010) will be a 100% green-screen short film with real actors and all the backgrounds-plates will be 3D stills and animations. This movie will have 3-4 actors and a team of about production team of about 10 people. “Broken Circle II: Parabellum” (2011) is a full feature (Markus’ script is +200 pages long and demands a lot of pre-production ^^ ), which is why we will shoot the third film before the second one. I am already excited about this project and this pre-production will resume around January of 2010.

I think that my next update will be in the middle/end of June, when my students have graduated and my vacation has started. I think that Markus will update before that though. ^^

Take care!

by intelligentlight