Jun 5 2009

First outline finished

Lots of stuff have happened lately, and the frustrations over the fact that there always seems to be a shortage of time have been constant reminders of either bad planning or too many unrealistic goals.

Writing the outline for the script has been a slow process until now, but it is finally finished… So now we can begin to shape the story based on the defined elements.

That should not be an impossible task anymore.

by Markus

Jun 4 2009

Pre-production extravaganza

Three weeks later and pre-production is still running smoothly. That is mainly because I have been so busy with work and IRL issues so I haven’t had much time lately to mess anything up. ^^ Casting is still a major topic, but we are far enough in that “adventure” now so are not worried that we won’t find actors in time for production.

We’ve also been checking around a lot for the last of the equipment of what to actually buy and what to rent during the production week. Lately I have been checking out filmtripods, HD-HDMI camera LCDs, various grips, microphone booms and even filmproduction cartrailers. I’ve also played with the idea of renting a Red ONE system, but I think that we’ll use that one next year instead. I’m currently checking out Panavision lenses to use on our far more interesting camera of choice. ^^

The real extravaganza and crunch mode will be in the end of June and in the beginning of July.

by intelligentlight