Aug 25 2009


Inspiration about photography and life…
This is not a tutorialvideo, just watch it!
Thanks imaginara.

An update about our film project is coming soon.
by intelligentlight

Aug 7 2009

Definitely something new

Something old, something new, something borrowed or maybe just something blue?

We now just need to add 3-5 minutes playtime into the script. Last week I spent 8 hours converting our finished storyline into a script with camera angles, scene numbers etc. I postponed that for a while, since I also really wanted to relax on my vacation. This current version of the script is 29 pages long, but my guess is that the movie will be 15-20 minutes long.

After reviewing the script within the team we felt that there was something missing about 3/4 into the script. And, since one of our actresses is off on a trip for the next two weeks this gives us some extra time to finish the script and do what most scriptwriters do; rewrite, rewrite and rewrite. The whole story feels good now but like most film- and gameprojects, this too needs some time for “polishing”.

Right now my guess is that we will shoot the film in the end of August and that we can shoot it in just 1-2 afternoon/nights. Please stay tuned!

by intelligentlight