Nov 27 2009

Vivid nights and scary days

This was a vivid night.

I was really sleepy when I got home from work yesterday; I have been working nights way too many times lately. Therefore the night ended very early last night – I went to bed at 8:30 p.m. (after a really nice hot bath) and I was planning to enjoy a book for an hour or so…but failed that miserably and fell asleep the instant my head hit the pillow…

…I slept non-stop until 7:30 a.m. the following morning and I had some really, really vivid dreams that night. I think that most of them occured maybe the last 4-5 hours of sleep. I remember a lot from the dreams and I had forgotten that I dream a lot of interesting dreams when I sleep longer. That’s not a really hard equation really… Anyway, I especially remember two dreams and I don’t think that these were intertwining, but the last one was so – extremely – vivid that I could probably describe most people and locations from it for at least a half an hour. And none of people I met or the places I visited exist in real life. That dream was an awesome trip. That got me thinking today. Many of my short stories and most of the movie scripts/story outlines that I have written, or currently writing, are loosely based on my dreams. Broken Circle III: PARALLAX (which we will start to work on during spring of 2010) is based on a dream I had about six months ago and about half the story of ISLAND OF ILLUSION (2011) is based on a dream I had about a month ago. When I got home today I spent 20 minutes just writing last nights dream into a bullet-based story outline and I called it THE CITY OF GLASS. Maybe that too will be a shortfilm someday. I know that I’d like it. *laughs*

I know for a fact that Marcus also has very vivid dreams sometimes and maybe that’s it…maybe that’s our thing, maybe that is the theme of the Boom Brothers? ^^

Dreams are very interesting to analyze and while some people think that dreams are just the brain cleaning up and “defragging” the impressions from the day, others think that we visit alternative dimensions, while we sleep, and that we are just as awake in those as we are during the day. I’m sort of in-between these theories at the moment and just a happy observer. I have also worked on a Swedish TV-series which had dreams as a topic, so maybe I – or we – should dig deeper in this field…

While having some nice dreams lately I’ve had a few nightmare daydreams. They are not many, but not few either. I quite often get reminded of that Gothland Elysium is not yet finished. We still have about of weekend of work left of filming to complete until we can sit back and enjoy Christmas (and start editing yay). Most of us – me included – are just too busy these days to have free weekends and this one is not different. Half of this weekend will be spent working on my thesis and the rest – hopefully – some much needed R&R.

I had a brief crash course in script writing with my students yesterday and I showed them some small parts from my scripts, as examples, and while discussing these projects I once again was reminded how time truly flies and that we got to finish the Gothland Elysium project as soon as humanly possible.

That crash course was a lot of fun, but that was a scary day.

by intelligentlight

Nov 12 2009

Dream in the fields of green

A very strange and slowly suffocating mental hangover has been plaguing some of us through the longest and darkest nights of the year so far. This was indeed very much expected. Everything else, good and bad, that happens to be anchored in the “real world” is just a tiny straw on a vast and unexplored field.

So where do we go from here and how do we get there? I guess there is one last destination on this surreal trip. Resting or relaxing is not an option until it has been reached.

by Markus

Nov 8 2009

Burning in the red

The solid darkness was closing in today on all levels. It didn’t manage to bring everybody down into the swamp, because luckily, it can successfully be fought off with a burning overdose of sheer lunacy. That is something that has been escalating during this journey since day one. And today, we were drawn even closer to the core.

Of all prolonged shooting days so far, the fifth and “last” (At least in what now is widely well-known as the “filming area”.) proved to be the most difficult and exhausting one. We had more or less dreamed real nightmares around the execution of the “driving scene” in the beginning of the film and had already (With less than noticeable success.) tried to figure out how to shoot it – Especially since none of us (With the exception of Intelligentlight.) actually have a driver’s licence. But this is not the Real World – This is the world of moving images. Under creeping dread, we realized that there is nobody who says that we can’t do it three separate takes. So that’s how we did it. And it sort of worked, even if I had to film and record the sound at the same time. Who needs CGI when you can cheat properly?

This amazing experience was followed by a short lunch break (Where my beverage mysteriously transformed itself from a state of being lovely to becoming stale and virtually undrinkable piss.) with the discussion topics bordering on the criminally insane. (If those had materialized as a “cast and crew”-commentary track on a DVD or something, we’d all be locked up before midnight.) Well, on to the aforementioned difficulties. Of all the millions of square-meters of forest, we just had to pick the wettest, most bug-infested and geologically most awkward spots a few hundred meters away from no man’s land. The thing that made the whole business worse was that we still had to keep up the illusion that it at least still was “early fall” instead of “it’ll snow any bloody day now”. Which meant that we had to avoid filming the millions of brown leaves on the soaked ground. But at least we got some nice “Norwegian Black Metal album cover”-shots of the coniferous forest. The Weather Goddesses were on our side again – No wind and no icy bursts of rain. Just the autumnal Gothlandian paradise. (Oh, yeah.)

One scene took much longer to film than it was intented. We didn’t fall behind the schedule, but it was somewhere around this point I started to feel the “forces” trying to turn the whole thing on its head once again – The very same forces that had driven us out there in the first place all those months ago. It became gradually more and more difficult to set up the scenes and maintain what was left of the so-called focus. And a few times, everybody’s collectively subsiding energy more or less forced the whole process to a halt. (“But freezing temperatures and wet feet ain’t refreshing either.”, says Captain Obvious.) It was clear that we all were getting more and more tired as the hours crept closer and closer to the sunset. And more scenes needed some instantaneous improvising under undeniably fucked up discharges of knuckle-biting insanity. (However, everything must have turned for the better when we saw two beautiful ravens on the light-gray sky, because everybody knows that ravens bring good fortune.) All during the jubilant ride that ends with a frontal collision.

The last scene for today was filmed under not very nice conditions, and it was simultaneously also the most critical one. I more or less held my breath all the time. But judging from the dailies, the actors (And the camera operator.) nailed it like a high-powered nailgun. It looked awesome nevertheless. That very moment said everything.

It hasn’t been said too many times yet, but the appreciation the crew feels towards the actors can neither be expressed nor described. While it certainly was a relief for everybody to wrap things up “over there”, the addiction to the brief and impermanent visits to the parallel world will once more show how unbearable separation angst can be when it surfaces. In the worst moment possible.

by Markus

Nov 6 2009

“Island of Illusion”

…is the name of one of our future projects. ^^

Things are looking good for “Gothland Elysium” (G.E) again! While we wait for time to fly, so that we can get the last days of filming done, we have been working on various things (just like Markus mentioned below). I am really looking forward to reading his new script “The Switchman” by the way!

Anyway, back to the point: my new script is called “IoI” (Island of Illusion) – at the moment – and about half of this film is based on a strange and interesting dream I had around two weeks ago. I figured that I better write all this down while I still remembered it and I have. But now, after a few nights of writing, the story has become a lot more interesting. This script feels really promising so far and it is about 40% finished now. Most of my free time, in the following weeks, will be spent working on G.E though and I hope that we can start editing in the beginning of December. So I’m not really sure when I have will have a first draft complete for IoI, maybe sometime during December. We’ll see, G.E is priority one now – but I also want to finish the IoI-story to see if Markus likes it. ^^

The script for IoI will be around 30 pages (i.e around 30 minutes long) and have around 3-4x more actors/characters compared to G.E. My guess is around 40 characters, but only 3-4 mains so not that complicated. IoI will be a much bigger production, but my gut feeling now says that we actually can get this film done. It is still easier to create than PARABELLUM, which we will hopefully have enough resources, cash and people to create sometime during 2012. ^^ (Only time will tell…) Anyway, after I had written 8 pages of the IoI-script – and finished the introduction – I wanted to create a graphical theme/profile for the film and also a concept poster (hey, it’s fun OK ^^). You can see that one below and I hope that you like it. As always, in Firefox, right-click the image and choose the top in the list to view the image in it’s original uploaded size (the online PNG is a small version) And yes, there is a good reason why the cross isn’t reflected in the water. ^^

by intelligentlight

Nov 2 2009

In delineative form

There’s no denying it. It just won’t let go.

While we now do our uttermost to kill time in the most rampant way imaginable (That is, until we can get back “out there” to film the remaining scenes for this year’s project.) the edginess and the expectation is driving us up on the walls. Meanwhile, we’re keeping some kind of distance to it all. (With the sole purpose of avoiding getting devoured by the contagious and exhilarating one-two punch energies around all things “Gothland Elysium”.) So we decided to begin planning the project(s) for 2010 and beyond.

So far, we have both been writing down some new ideas that will eventually begin to form one or two new screenplays. Intelligentlight is working round the clock (It seems!) on the script for a short film entitled “Island Of Illusion” – A horror tale grounded in mysticism and alternate dimensions / worlds. We exchanged some e-mails earlier tonight and he spontaneously feels that it could turn into something really good, original and imaginative. And I have began exorcising ideas for another screenplay with the working title “The Switchman”. It’s a psychological thriller / drama that centers around a bunch of very damaged individuals in a neighborhood that begs to be wiped off the face of the Earth.

So let’s see where these winding roads leads us.

by Markus