Mar 28 2010

Upcoming dreams and nightmares

While I have been working slowly on the editing of Gothland Elysium
I have also started pre-production on the next project Broken Circle III: PARALLAX. In one way Parallax is a lot easier to produce than G.E, since Parallax will only be around 10 minutes long i.e 1/3 of G.E. Parallax will also be filmed inside a studio, pretty much all in front of a green screen with motion tracking. That will make things a lot easier in some ways, but complicate things in other ways. ^^ So I think that this project will need a very detailed script of both the story and also the VFX, since all the backdrops will be 3D rendered. I have narrowed the story down to four different (virtual) locations though, so it shouldn’t be too complicated. Parallax will be a small(ish) project which we work on while we plan next year’s huge project Island of Illusion, which will be 5-10 times bigger than G.E. I haven’t had time to chat with Markus in a while, so he might have some new story outlines or fantastic plans too. ^^

Parts of Parallax will be created by my students, so in a way it will be a fun school project. I think that we will need about 4-6 students as 3D artists for this project. I will try to finish the first rough version of the script and then hand it over to Markus and let him do his magic (that he does so well) and improve it. ^^

We have many ideas, but since time truly flies I think that we will work on these three films probably until the end of 2011.

by intelligentlight

Oh, and the photo above is just some gothic art which I found inspirational. It has similar colorgrading to G.E.