“The board is set, the pieces are moving.”

Yes, why not a Gandalf quote? We are very close to filming now and this quote describes our current situation.

Now it’s getting really interesting, and fun! A date is set and most of the pre-production is complete:

  • Script is finalized « check
  • Locations « check
  • Casting « check
  • Crew « check
  • All equipment « check:ish

The last missing equipment will be acquired by next week, so we should be OK in a matter of days. This is good news!

I think that I prefer to create short films, at least right now in my life. I really like the idea that within a year a thought can become a script and a script can become a finished film. The process is usually at least three times longer when creating a feature film… We have done 11 months of pre-production now, but this could of course been completed a lot faster. It has taken this long because we have all been focusing on our main jobs + University studies. This project always comes second. Nevertheless, we made it and project LDE is soon created!

Unless I have any more news to share, the next update you will see from me here will be production diaries from the days of filming! See you!

by intelligentlight