Take Off

Back home and… It was a good day… That’s one thing that immediately can be established. This was the first day when we shot footage for the still “officially” unnamed film-project. I tend to get nervous and concerned about everything and nothing, and this day was not really an exception. Why? 1) We only had about six or seven hours to get as many scenes done as possible with the minutes counting down what felt like about ten at the time – I.e. Too. Bloody. Fast! 2) I hadn’t met any of the actors or the crew earlier and didn’t know what to expect at all. But it has to be said – I trust my co-pilot at Intelligent Light Films’ judgment more than my own sometimes, so that part of me who doesn’t live in a fantasy world 24/7 knew that he had found the right crew. The initial meeting with the three lead actors of the film along with the director of photography and the sound guy was an immediate sign that this probably would work out better than we had dared to dream of.

And it did. Much better in fact. And the most amazing thing is that the actors looked more or less identical to what we had had in mind back when we started forming the story last winter. And another significantly great thing was that the actors made little subtle changes to their lines which fit their characters way, way better than what’s written in the script. Because you can’t really know how the character’s will come alive before you see them in front of the camera. Unless you write thousands and thousands of lines of dialogue and the go back and “know” the character and think: “Hey. That’s not how he or she talks.” But. We had to put something in there as a guideline, and our actors fixed that little problem. All expectations were met several times over. I can only hope that they all had a good time and that they want to follow us to the end of this one.

Of course, there were a few setbacks. No disasters. Just one or two delays. One caused by the human factor and the second one caused by the geographical factor. We live in the Western Gothland in Sweden, so you can pretty much guess what kind of “surprise”-weather we got at one point. Here’s a hint: NOT CLEAR BLUE SKIES AND SUNSHINE. But the rain kind of added to atmosphere. And the lake we filmed a few scenes by looked haunting in the background. Not that I saw each and every one of them, but the compositions and camera angles were breathtakingly beautiful in all the scenes that we filmed.

What wasn’t a setback, but what can be a bit tricky is to get the workflow going in the right direction. However, I don’t think we even got through the first scene with the actors before we found that right direction. It just clicked. That’s rare, I’d say. (It’s too early to reveal what the film’s story arc is, but it was heart-warming, to say the very least, to realize that the actors had got the general idea of the concept and already understood where we were going with the actions and… Reactions.)

Thanks a million to everyone involved. Now, I’m gonna pass out on the floor here. I don’t know if it’s due to loss of blood or something else. (The mosquitos hate me, but they apparently love my blood. Go figure.)

by Markus