“A stumble may prevent a fall.”

Eventhough everything didn’t go 100% “as planned” last weekend, it was indeed a success. I have already said this before to both cast and crew but once again: THANK YOU. Without you we would only have a script and a camera (and loads of other gear and props obviously). Both me and and Markus are very greatful for your fantastic efforts last weekend. Day TWO will be filled with Establishing-, SteadiCam-, FX- and POV-shots and we shouldn’t encounter any problems with those. I am smiling while I write this, because we – and you – know that “Murphy’s Law” once again will accompany us. But in the end I still feel quite confident that this too will be a success, because day TWO (on paper) is EASY compared to day ONE.

Our camera have something in common with my favourite 3D-renderer Maxwell Render. I first imagine the shot looking BEAUTIFUL and then when I render it with Maxwell – or in this case film it with the Mark II – the result is far more beautiful and awesome than I earlier had wished for.

I like that.

by intelligentlight