The road back, sort of…

Well, it’s another Saturday, which means – Back to work on the… Project! (This week could not have gone fast enough. And we still haven’t been able to name the film.)

Just like we anticipated, today’s excursion was a fairly easy ride without too much teethgrinding or other heartaches. And the weather was exceptional for the season. We set out to do the “postcard”-shots that link the episodes together in the film itself. Yes. Smooth sailing all the way. No obstacles anywhere. But on the other hand, it just wasn’t the same without the rest of the crew and the actors present. (Just like “day” isn’t the same as “night”.) But on the other (Third?) hand, we only filmed the static establishing shots and wouldn’t have wanted to bore anybody to tears with us just walking around the locations and going through the script for the umpteenth time.

And everything went like clockwork and just as planned. On our way to the filming location, we didn’t miss the one and only intersection on the freeway. We didn’t miss to turn right there at all. Neither did we drive 15 kilometers in the opposite (I.e. wrong.) direction. And on top of that, we had no use for the GPS whatsoever since we knew exactly where we were going. We also have to be very clear about the fact that nobody uttered the words: “Shit, I have absolutely no fucking idea where we are anymore!” either… The GPS? Oh, we were just checking if it still worked after all these… Days… I mean – If any of this had happened, we’d have felt really stupid considering we were there just six days ago…! But for some no doubt Twilight Zone-related reason, it did take around 45 minutes to get to the location instead of 25 like last time.

But the establishing shots, we did – In glorious Cinemascope. And we also recorded some ambient soundscapes as well in the forest.

Back at someone else’s place, we looked through the footage and came to the conclusion that this already is the most rewarding and most enjoyable project we’ve been a part of since… The Bronze Age. (And even if something happened to be more enjoyable back then, it’s definitely not worth remembering anyway.)

Tomorrow, we’ll go through the script once more and see if we “accidentally” haven’t forgotten something on the way… But hopefully (And I mean that very sincerely this time.), we can pick up the filming next Sunday where we left it last Sunday. (Fingers crossed so hard, I think I have fractured them.)

by Markus