A few postcards from the Edge

As Markus stated below: we didn’t miss the off-ramp and I wasn’t the one who said “Shit, I have absolutely no fucking idea where we are anymore!”. ^^

Except for the longer trip to the location (which didn’t happen), yesterday was a real success. It was basically just like a long stroll through the forest, only I usually don’t bring this much heavy equipment to the hiking trails. Anyhoo, we got all the shots which we wanted to film and we also found some new exciting and scary locations for day three!

When we got back to the HQ we checked all the shots and also the ones from day one. Everything is OK and we don’t have to recreate any of those shots again. Stellar! And now everything is backed up on at least four different locations, so the data is quite safe.

Day three will be a lot of work and that date is not official yet. It will be after we have done it. That day will hopefully be the last day “on location” and the intro + outro could  – if necessary – be filmed someplace completely different.

And yes…we still don’t have a name for the film, but we are getting there now…after eleven months…and I believe that we are now on the right track! The film “LDE” will have a proper name soon™.

by intelligentlight