Next stop… No, seriously, what’s this place called?

Yesterday, around midday, we looked through the filmed material again and rendered a few clips to see what the movie could look like in Cinemascope and with a classic Technicolor-look. The excitement was already quite badly concealed. (At least no accidents happened. And nobody got injured.)

The rest of the evening was wasted getting seriously riled up over still not having a great title – Easily around 120 suggestions, and not one that at least didn’t generate a four-digit number of search results on Google. Some of them could have worked well had there not been one or even several movies with those exact titles. But we formally settled for using the ficticious name for the location as the title – Granted under the circumstance that it doesn’t exist already. I have exactly one suggestion left before I run out of ideas. And we desperately need a title before the second shooting day since one of the lead characters will “explain” the title of the film.

by Markus