“Gothland Elysium”

Yes, that’s the name of the game. Our film finally has a name. The Boom Brothers describe the name/title in the following way:

“The title is a reference to where the actual story takes place, the original Gothland in Southern Sweden, as well as an allusion to the mythological resting place of the souls mentioned in numerous books. The events that unfold in Gothland create the “underworld” in a purely metaphysical sense.”

Below you can find my 4th movie poster concept/variation for this project. Please note: This version is a bit too much “fairy tale” and quite a big leap from the original poster design, but it was created just for the fun of it. I imagine that we will have 4-6 different poster variations, for this film, and that excludes the original poster in english/japanese/french/italian versions! ^^

This one was +2 hours of fun in Photoshop and I hope that you like it.

(In Firefox, right-click the image and click the top row to view the image in 100% scale).

by intelligentlight