State of disgrace

The scheduling conflicts just keep forming a noose that tightens around our necks. To direct, set up the camera angles, shoot the scenes, record the sound and so on isn’t really a one man job just like being electrocuted isn’t really “getting warm”. Eventual filming this week can basically and only be done during one afternoon (Which is a couple of hours. We’ve got one hour less daylight now “thanks” to winter time.), which also happens to be on Wednesday. This puts some (?) of us in a bit of a logistic squeeze. There are a handful of scenes that don’t necessarily depend on the entire crew, but it’s not really easy to do any of them without everybody present.

Even if I could bet both my last and stolen money that intelligentlight could pull it off anyway, it’s an utter disgrace not to be able to help. But no matter what, desperate times usually call for desperate solutions.

by Markus