‘Gothland Elysium’ official trailer and Post Mortem

Hi again,

Our trailer for G.E is now online and we hope that you like it! You can watch it on our trailer-site: http://www.intelligent-light.com

or on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOJ5KCzUPOA

or on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/9768596

I wrote a ‘Post Mortem’ about this trailer when I finished it last week and I have attached it below here.

Trailer ‘POST MORTEM’ (Feb, 2010)

I initially named this trailerproject ‘No Regrets’, because I wanted to create a trailer which I would be proud of and not see things in it, afterwards, that I wished I would have done differently. I had a pretty good idea of the design of the trailer from the start, but I still played around a lot to get a better feel of it. I wanted it to be a mix of a movie trailer and a music video for many reasons. One of those reasons was that it works for this type of art-house movie and another reason was because neither Markus or I wanted to make a typical movie trailer. There are too many of those already. When we started this project back in ’08 we decided not to make a typical Hollowood:ish movie, because in most cases that equals “Fail” for us. So a narrator with a cigar-voice, instead of the intro texts, was a big NO for this trailer.

The trailer was cut and rendered in 1080p and we wanted a trailer that would look good both on a huge LED TV, but also on mobile devices such as iPods or iPhones. And it does! ^^

After I found the song ‘Intangible’ on Jamendo.com I knew that this was the song for the trailer. It had the same speed and flow as the film. The real soundtrack is done, but we can’t use it online at the moment, and I do not know if this song will make it to the final film – but I hope so. I had another song from the start, but it was a bit too depressing. At first I was gonna use just one song, but I found that the intro with the texts were more creepy with that scarier song, so I kept the design with two different songs.

The intro texts were a lot longer in the beginning of the project and I knew that they had to be shortened down. So Markus and I discussed a few options and he helped me to cut it down. I wanted the texts to be timed just right, so they stayed there not too short and not too long. Both Markus and I could read them just fine and I eventually tried the intro with many students and they could also read the texts before they faded away – which was good.

This whole project was a fun educational experience to learn how to produce movies on “the next level” and I created the trailer before the actual film edit to learn this new and modern production pipeline. So I wanted a trailer that would reflect something that was somewhat similar to the final film, productionwise. It was a lot of fun and I have spent around 50-60 hours on this trailer – including everything except filming it of course – and I have no real regrets about it now. I now know the tools a lot better and I feel more confident about starting an editing project that will end on somewhere around 500 hours haha… Since I created it before the actual edit, I haven’t even touched any of the audio files from the film. I initially did some tests with lowering the music at certain points and adding audio, but it took away the feel and flow of the entire trailer. So I didn’t continue down that road. That’s why it’s more of a music video trailer now. For those who miss conversations in the trailer, you will hear 30 minutes of that in the final cut. ^^

We have pretty much filmed everything we need for this film now so that part is basically done. So whatever that is “not working” or “could have been done in in a different way” we will learn from and take with us to the next project. This is how G.E is now and we will do our very best to make a good edit of the entire film. We initially didn’t get the people we had casted for this project and I had very little time to cast new ones. Both Anna (Linn) and Nils (Tim) are two of my students and Miki (Natalie) is Anna’s friend. Nils had some acting experience through amateur theatre, but Anna and Miki had none. But they were all really good and better than we had hoped, so when watching this please consider that this is their first movie appearance and acting experience. ^^

When watching something like this a few people are reminded of typical forest-horror movies such as ‘The Blair Witch Project’ and I thought I’d address that too. The only thing our movie has in common with that, storywise, is the forest – nothing else. ‘Gothland Elysium’ has three different stories entangled into one and is in many ways a more deeper and complex story than Blair Witch. It also has many references to an old famous book. Markus explained it this way in ‘The Boom Brothers’ page above:

“Event though the group’s first film “Gothland Elysium” is another attempt at creating a minimalistic horror movie, it will also be open for more than one interpretation. But recurring themes in the team’s productions deal with inner struggles, the occult, despair, unrequited love, loss and sorrow.”

On top of that I’d say the movie is about love, hate, jealousy and how at certain times and places that can conjure…something.

So I wanted to show this in the trailer: Three teenagers go camping. All seems fine. Something happens. Did their cellphone get the same message as the people who died before did? Why is only Tim in half of the trailer and why is Natalie making Linn walk deeper into the forest? What is Natalie pointing at in the end and the peak of the trailer? Hopefully after asking this the audience would like to see the movie to see what actually happened to these Linn, Tim and Natalie.

Thank you sharing this experience with us.

by intelligentlight