Sevenhundred and thirty days

Hello again!

Yes indeed, two years have passed since ‘The Boom Brothers’ were formed and we started preproduction (mainly scripting) on ‘Gothland Elysium’. The last year has gone by way too fast and neither Markus nor I remember where all the days went… We are currently finishing this film project and we hope that it will be 100% complete in winter of 2010.

I took a break from the project during spring because I had so much to do at work and also because I felt that I needed to distance myself from the project in order to conjure up some new ideas regarding editing and post production. I also continued to work on the preproduction of our next project ‘Island of Illusion’ (“IoI”) and I created another concept/teaser-poster for it. You can see that one below here. As usual, just right-click and press view to see it in a slightly bigger resolution.

A lot has happened during 2010, but I will add more updates and info in the next and above threads. Thanks for staying tuned.

by intelligentlight

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