On the road again

Today was a great day. The planned ‘Gothland Elysium’ 2010 photoshoot was a true success. And the thaifood we had for lunch was truly awesome too.

It felt strange, yet FUN to be on the road again with most of the GE-crew as I drove the main cast to BorĂ¥s for the shoot. The purpose was to get hi-quality photos for movie posters, character movie posters and also just photos for the cast. Thank you Imaginara Photographia (Henrik Bengtsson) for a great day in your studio once again. Lots of fun and lots of great photos.

The shoot was around 160x photos using a Mamiya with a Phase One P25 (22-megapixel) digital back. The word “epic” hardly scratches the surface of that beast of a camera. My fantastic EOS 5D Mk II felt like a Polaroid compared to it. ^^ I will add some example photos from the shoot in the next and above thread.

by intelligentlight

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