The Boom Brothers

Boom Brothers cncept logo (real one coming soon).

Boom Brothers concept logo 2009

Chance brought the Boom Brothers – Arvid Forsberg (intelligentlight) and Markus Suutari (Markus) – together for the first time for a film project called “Broken Circle” in the summer of 2001. The filming was a mesh of various impressions and the post-production would, due to several reasons, be spread out over approximately 8 (!) years. Although the duo got along very well, Markus swore “never to be involved in any kind of film again” due to all the negative experiences and impressions that outnumbered the good. “Broken Circle” didn’t end up as a movie in the traditional sense, but it exists… More or less… (Arvid saved what could be saved from the project.) There is a 70 min long “2008 Demon Cut” version of the movie, but it needs around a week non-stop of post production for it to be complete, and only the universe knows when that free week will appear in the calendars. Broken Circle hasn’t been and will probably not be released “properly” in its original incarnation. It even works better as a graphic novel and a silent movie!

The years passed and ideas came and went. Markus kept writing scripts / short stories just for the hell of it, but abandoned most of them once they were finished. But certain themes would subconsciously creep into the storytelling as new ideas began to grew. Arvid went on to work at the Portalen Gbg, co-founded CGI Academy and got involved in various 3D/film-productions in the region. Markus also wrote a “sort of” prequel to “Broken Circle” with a real story based on ideas about time-traveling and life after death. This is the first of the new scripts that Arvid read before suggesting that the Boom Brothers should do something again “under the strict circumstance that it isn’t another Broken Circle”. This was back in October of 2008. The not very far-fetched discussions about movie making started to flow, but both realized that a feature-length film would be to bite off more than anyone could chew. But there was this other idea for short film, very loosely based on some nightmares and even more loosely based on real supernatural events. The inspiration fueled the ideas and soon an outline for a feature-length film was finished. But it was soon shortened down to match the structure of a short film. “The Boom Brothers” was founded as a film-making group in November 2008, and the pre-productions started in early 2009. The rest of the shenanigans around this and future projects can be read on this very blog.

Even though the group’s first film “Gothland Elysium” is another attempt at creating a minimalistic horror movie, it will also be open for more than one interpretation. But recurring themes in the team’s productions deal with inner struggles, the occult, despair, unrequited love, loss and sorrow.

The title is a reference to where the actual story takes place, the original Gothland in Southern Sweden, as well as an allusion to the mythological resting place of the souls mentioned in numerous books. The events that unfold in Gothland create the “underworld” in a purely metaphysical sense.

And that’s the story so far…

The Boom Brothers