These are our current projects and preliminary production schedule.

Project: “Gothland Elysium” (2009)
Shortfilm: Horror/Art-House/Romance (1080p)
Stage: Editing & post production.
Info: (poster)

Project: “PARALLAX: Broken Circle III” (2010)
Shortfilm+3D: Horror/Art-House/Romance (1080p)
Stage: Script complete Q2, 2010.

Project: “Infinite Sea” (2010)
Shortfilm+3D: Science Fiction / Existentialism (1080p)
Stage: Story concept.

Project: “Island of Illusion” (2011)
Shortfilm: Horror / Mysticism / Existentialism (Red One)
Script in production. (poster)

Project: “PARABELLUM: Broken Circle II” (2012)
Full feature: Horror/Art-House (Red One)
Stage: Script is finalized.

Project: “Haven” (a.k.a. “Solace”) (2013)
Shortfilm: Science Fiction / Action (Red One)
Stage: Story concept.

After every production we will write an extensive “POST MORTEM” about the project. I believe that we will write one about Gothland Elysium during the summer of 2010.

by intelligentlight