Nov 14 2010

The ‘Gothland Elysium’ rough cut (a.k.a. ‘Alpha One’) is done!

I am proud to announce that our first rough cut (which I named ‘Alpha One’) of ‘Gothland Elysium’ now is done! I have spent 30 hours in a non-stop crunchmode this weekend to get this done. I just reached 100% on this editing project, but now while I scroll through it, in Final Cut Pro 7, I feel around 20% finished in total haha… There is still SO much tweaking and polishing to be done. And also some parts that really doesn’t work too well and requires some magical fixes.

‘Alpha One’ is around 40 minutes long and then there is still large parts of our intro missing, some scenes here and there and also the end credits. So I think that GE will be around 50 minutes long, unless we decide to remove parts later due to the lack of magical fixes.

I have also added our soundtrack to 80% of the entire film and done color grading, in Apple Color, to various scenes as tests. I created four different color grades this summer and I think that we will stick with these, because I really don’t want to use too many grades. One third of the film has also got audio/foley fx, which I started today when the cut part was done. But the audio/foley/fx/ADR is merely in the beginning stage. While I get this ‘alpha’ into a more proper ‘beta’ I will work on VFX for the +20 scenes that requires this. Stay tuned!

by intelligentlight

Nov 14 2010

Wallpaper concepts

Hello again! I haven’t had much time to create new character posters yet, but here are some wallpaper concepts. These are just in one resolution, for now, to use on 17-24″ widescreens @ 1920 x 1200 pixels. Just right-click the images and view them to get 100% scale.

Mamiya 645 + Phase One P25 digital back was used for these.


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Oct 3 2010

The Photoshoot

Here are a few (non-photoshopped, except the text) photos from today’s shoot at Imaginara Photographia in Borås. These are merely previews; some enchanced photos/posters will be posted here soon. You can read more about the shoot in the below thread.

From top to bottom: Anna Hedqvist, Miki Terasaki and Nils Bossius Klintenberg. Enjoy!

by intelligentlight

Oct 2 2010

On the road again

Today was a great day. The planned ‘Gothland Elysium’ 2010 photoshoot was a true success. And the thaifood we had for lunch was truly awesome too.

It felt strange, yet FUN to be on the road again with most of the GE-crew as I drove the main cast to Borås for the shoot. The purpose was to get hi-quality photos for movie posters, character movie posters and also just photos for the cast. Thank you Imaginara Photographia (Henrik Bengtsson) for a great day in your studio once again. Lots of fun and lots of great photos.

The shoot was around 160x photos using a Mamiya with a Phase One P25 (22-megapixel) digital back. The word “epic” hardly scratches the surface of that beast of a camera. My fantastic EOS 5D Mk II felt like a Polaroid compared to it. ^^ I will add some example photos from the shoot in the next and above thread.

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Oct 2 2010

Sevenhundred and thirty days

Hello again!

Yes indeed, two years have passed since ‘The Boom Brothers’ were formed and we started preproduction (mainly scripting) on ‘Gothland Elysium’. The last year has gone by way too fast and neither Markus nor I remember where all the days went… We are currently finishing this film project and we hope that it will be 100% complete in winter of 2010.

I took a break from the project during spring because I had so much to do at work and also because I felt that I needed to distance myself from the project in order to conjure up some new ideas regarding editing and post production. I also continued to work on the preproduction of our next project ‘Island of Illusion’ (“IoI”) and I created another concept/teaser-poster for it. You can see that one below here. As usual, just right-click and press view to see it in a slightly bigger resolution.

A lot has happened during 2010, but I will add more updates and info in the next and above threads. Thanks for staying tuned.

by intelligentlight