Oct 3 2010


Yes, I know. There hasn’t been a lot of activity around here for ages. With two exceptions – Some fuckwits trying to peddle “cheap tablets”. Online. (They must have eaten them themselves to the point of mental short-circuit if they thought that this would be a good place to market them.)


Okay. Enough of that.

The second and by far nicer exception is yesterday.

Exactly one year ago, I was sitting here in the exact same spot, receiving short but alarming phone-calls every now and then during a very long morning. The gist of the calls all slowly built up to one fact – The production was threatened on both logistic and personal levels. I thought to myself amidst flashbacks from “last time”: “Some motherfucker has jinxed us for real. There is no way this few seemingly insignificant incidents can lead to this many larger ones that spiral out of control, create one bottleneck after another and and stall the whole thing.”

But it worked out more or less. Due to certain complications, we had to change a few plans that admittedly weren’t very well thought out from the beginning. But at least we now know how to avoid them in the future.

For me personally, it has been a fucked up year so far. (Some people close to me got into serious trouble “thanks” to old “ghosts” from their past. Others became severely ill – Physically and mentally. And there has been loads of other shit that constantly has been infecting thoughts, actions, reactions and ideas.) And I have a feeling that it’s not over yet, and that the lessons not learned easily outnumber the ones learned.

So it was nice to hear some good news for a change and see that things have begun to happen again with this little movie-project. (The photoshoot was obviously a nice thing and a “two birds with one stone”-killing for those involved.) Of course, “G.E.” has been circulating in my thoughts almost every day during the last months. There were (And is.) ideas for a full-length movie with a back-story and “real” expositions. But you can’t really have it all.

But we’re nowhere close the finishing line yet. We’re still missing one crucial and explaining scene which we have no idea how to shoot yet. And the intro needs to be shot before the first snow falls. (Which could be tomorrow with some bad luck.)

Still, nothing changes the fact that this has been an interesting and rewarding experience. We have already stated that on numerous occasions and we can easily say that neither of us would be the least reluctant to work together with the rest of this crew at some point.

Bring on the chances…!

by Markus

Mar 28 2010

Upcoming dreams and nightmares

While I have been working slowly on the editing of Gothland Elysium
I have also started pre-production on the next project Broken Circle III: PARALLAX. In one way Parallax is a lot easier to produce than G.E, since Parallax will only be around 10 minutes long i.e 1/3 of G.E. Parallax will also be filmed inside a studio, pretty much all in front of a green screen with motion tracking. That will make things a lot easier in some ways, but complicate things in other ways. ^^ So I think that this project will need a very detailed script of both the story and also the VFX, since all the backdrops will be 3D rendered. I have narrowed the story down to four different (virtual) locations though, so it shouldn’t be too complicated. Parallax will be a small(ish) project which we work on while we plan next year’s huge project Island of Illusion, which will be 5-10 times bigger than G.E. I haven’t had time to chat with Markus in a while, so he might have some new story outlines or fantastic plans too. ^^

Parts of Parallax will be created by my students, so in a way it will be a fun school project. I think that we will need about 4-6 students as 3D artists for this project. I will try to finish the first rough version of the script and then hand it over to Markus and let him do his magic (that he does so well) and improve it. ^^

We have many ideas, but since time truly flies I think that we will work on these three films probably until the end of 2011.

by intelligentlight

Oh, and the photo above is just some gothic art which I found inspirational. It has similar colorgrading to G.E.

Nov 6 2009

“Island of Illusion”

…is the name of one of our future projects. ^^

Things are looking good for “Gothland Elysium” (G.E) again! While we wait for time to fly, so that we can get the last days of filming done, we have been working on various things (just like Markus mentioned below). I am really looking forward to reading his new script “The Switchman” by the way!

Anyway, back to the point: my new script is called “IoI” (Island of Illusion) – at the moment – and about half of this film is based on a strange and interesting dream I had around two weeks ago. I figured that I better write all this down while I still remembered it and I have. But now, after a few nights of writing, the story has become a lot more interesting. This script feels really promising so far and it is about 40% finished now. Most of my free time, in the following weeks, will be spent working on G.E though and I hope that we can start editing in the beginning of December. So I’m not really sure when I have will have a first draft complete for IoI, maybe sometime during December. We’ll see, G.E is priority one now – but I also want to finish the IoI-story to see if Markus likes it. ^^

The script for IoI will be around 30 pages (i.e around 30 minutes long) and have around 3-4x more actors/characters compared to G.E. My guess is around 40 characters, but only 3-4 mains so not that complicated. IoI will be a much bigger production, but my gut feeling now says that we actually can get this film done. It is still easier to create than PARABELLUM, which we will hopefully have enough resources, cash and people to create sometime during 2012. ^^ (Only time will tell…) Anyway, after I had written 8 pages of the IoI-script – and finished the introduction – I wanted to create a graphical theme/profile for the film and also a concept poster (hey, it’s fun OK ^^). You can see that one below and I hope that you like it. As always, in Firefox, right-click the image and choose the top in the list to view the image in it’s original uploaded size (the online PNG is a small version) And yes, there is a good reason why the cross isn’t reflected in the water. ^^

by intelligentlight

Oct 23 2009

Fantastic (camera) news

I have kept my fingers crossed about this for almost a year now and I was beginning to give up hope, but Canon did it! The EOS 5D Mark II will soon be able to film in 24p/25p! This is truly fantastic news!

“Canon to give 5D Mark II a cinema boost”

by intelligentlight

Oct 14 2009

Future schedule

As filming is coming to an end on the Gothland Elysium project we have already started various post production tests. The editing, VFX, ADR/sound and music should take at least 2-3 months of time since we all have regular jobs. So I expect that we should have an early – and somewhat final – cut sometime during January of 2010.

After Gothland Elysium has been finished and distributed to various filmfestivals we will start pre-production on our next projects. Our current schedule can be found here (or by pressing “Projects” in the top menu):


Our next update will hopefully be a happy one about the final big day of filming Gothland Elysium. ^^

by intelligentlight