Mar 29 2009

Camera / FX evening tests #2

Hey again!

Here are some more evening camera / FX tests for Project C, these ones was filmed together with Imaginara Photographia. Cheers, Henrik!

Camera / FX evening tests #2 (HD)

Location and soundtests are coming up soon(ish)…

by intelligentlight

Mar 28 2009

Camera / FX evening tests

Hey again!

Here are some evening camera / FX tests.

Camera / FX evening tests (HD)

by intelligentlight

Mar 26 2009

Camera / FX tests

Hey again!

We did some early camera and FX tests yesterday afternoon and you can find a HD version of that here:

Camera / FX tests (HD)

We recommend that you play it in HD and Fullscreen. More to come soon, please stay tuned.

by intelligentlight

Mar 25 2009

Online start

Hey there!

This production-blog will feature a production diary, stills, videos (hosted at YouTube) etc. in the near future. Pre-production for “Project C” has been going on for some time now. We are currently finalizing the script and casting, at the moment, and also doing some early camera/fx tests. We will go and do some tests on the actual film locations soon.

“Project C” (secret name) is a indie horror short film, which will be sent to various film festivals in Sweden and the UK – hopefully during late fall/winter of 2009. We will do most of the filming during July and August. Please note that this is a 100% non-commercial/non-profit film project.

You can find more info at:

by intelligentlight