Oct 29 2009

Gothland Elysium – Official teaser three

We decided to give you some colour in the last teaser. ^^

This third (and FINAL) teaser was created for the fans of the Gothland Elysium project and does not represent the final quality of the film. (This is a low quality 720p-version of the original 1080p video.)

It’s fun, yet challanging to create teasers for a short film. A trailer is almost out of the question, because it would probably give most of the movie away. I might try to create on later on anyway. So, these teasers are well…basically just a tease for our 30 min:ish short film “GE”. And…my guess is that this is the last that you will see (in video) from this project for about 3-4 months. The editing, ADR, sound, foley, music and VFX will take that long because we all have regular jobs which always comes first. But please stay tuned! ^^

The teaser is available in HD on Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook video:



by intelligentlight

Oct 28 2009

The race against time

The race is indeed ON. As Markus mentioned below: we have hit a brick wall once again and time is truly running out. It’s hard to race against time (read: autumn/fall), when you can only get everyone together on Sundays. And not even every sunday. But I’m still thinking positive, we will finish this (short)film. ^^

We now have just 4-5 more different scenes/locations to shoot. These are quite small, so I think that we only need 1-2 more days of hard work and then everything is shot. However, it’s really crucial that we shoot 3 of these scenes before winter hits us in the face. The other scenes need to be created during late fall or even winter; so we actually need to wait to shoot those.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed once again.

by intelligentlight

Oct 28 2009

Clouded horizons

Once again, the stranglehold of the so called system, its unforgivning rules and the circumstances have altered the plans for this project.

May it take a turn for the best very soon.

by Markus

Oct 26 2009

State of disgrace

The scheduling conflicts just keep forming a noose that tightens around our necks. To direct, set up the camera angles, shoot the scenes, record the sound and so on isn’t really a one man job just like being electrocuted isn’t really “getting warm”. Eventual filming this week can basically and only be done during one afternoon (Which is a couple of hours. We’ve got one hour less daylight now “thanks” to winter time.), which also happens to be on Wednesday. This puts some (?) of us in a bit of a logistic squeeze. There are a handful of scenes that don’t necessarily depend on the entire crew, but it’s not really easy to do any of them without everybody present.

Even if I could bet both my last and stolen money that intelligentlight could pull it off anyway, it’s an utter disgrace not to be able to help. But no matter what, desperate times usually call for desperate solutions.

by Markus

Oct 23 2009

Fantastic (camera) news

I have kept my fingers crossed about this for almost a year now and I was beginning to give up hope, but Canon did it! The EOS 5D Mark II will soon be able to film in 24p/25p! This is truly fantastic news!

“Canon to give 5D Mark II a cinema boost”

by intelligentlight

Oct 22 2009

Doing time behind invisible bars

We have, ahead of us, two quite long key scenes + the slightly shorter ending before we move on to the intro and the outro. After that, there are some even shorter scenes that we pretty much could film in the middle of the winter during any day if they can’t be done “here and now”.

The preparations and the discussions build up the anticipation by the minute, but at the same time, the very same anticipation takes turns to show its insufferable side on which it’s near-impossible to figure out a way to “do some time” before it will be possible to escape out there again.

by Markus

Oct 21 2009

Gothland Elysium – Official teaser two

Yes, indeed! We have now created a second teaser for the fans of the Gothland Elysium  project. Like the first one, this tease does not represent the final quality of the film.

The teaser is available in HD on Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook video:



by intelligentlight

Oct 21 2009

Brief disclosure

The second official teaser was edited together by intelligentlight while we exchanged some scattered thoughts and suggestions during yesterday evening.

It’s now on-line at the usual places.

And it has one of the outlining and revealing moments from the film – A moment that says more than a thousand words.

by Markus

Oct 20 2009


I think I somehow have managed to re-assemble the fragments of the grinding thoughts while frantically sorting all the impressions from last Sunday. The well-known, but not very welcomed, insomnia struck like lightning while I awaited… I’m not sure what, exactly… And there are always the attempts to get rid of it. It took a long walk down to the misty waterfront (The post below, that mentions the words “backup” and the magic number that quite obviously is “3”, probably helped too!) following a graveyard shift which was spent lying on the floor and listening to some Heavy Metal – Everything to chase the obtrusive thoughts down the road. But of course I just had to go to the computer at 4 A.M. and find three more teaser-concepts for the film from the co-director / co-D.O.P. / editor in the mail. (Bye for now, “Dreamland”. See you who the hell knows when!) The excitement got gradually harder to contain, especially at work where you’re supposed to behave a bit “civilized” and where you can’t start rambling like an even more obvious borderline-maniac about composition, camera angles and actors’ expressions. (Nobody would find it interesting in the slightest… No, we’re not creating “high art” or anything… But for several reasons, we simply just need and have to delve into this project full throttle.)

As for that Sunday now, two days ago, something magical did happen on the set. At some point, the three lead actors in the movie made that intangible transition from themselves and into their characters. I’m not sure if the saying is true – That “the guy who plays the devil actually has to be a bit like the devil”, but they all simply became the persons that they had decided to play. These characters were born after we had written the final synopsis back in October / November last year. For us, they were already “real”. (Well, as real as fidgets of the imagination can be.) But it was still astonishing and enigmatic to see them come alive. It was an assault on all senses. (And I mean that in the best way possible.) A mental overload. (Especially when they switched to some method acting and characterization that isn’t even in the script – That was just fucking awesome. We are humbled beyond words.) It’s like writing a story and suddenly meeting the characters face to face IRL when you least expect it. I mean, what the hell could possibly be more efficient for tearing down the thin veils that separate reality from illusion? (Apart from maybe hard, hallucinatory drugs?)

There is a book in the film (“The Divine Comedy”) that we refer to visually and metaphorically in a way. (Except that “Dante” is a chick… And… Except that… There really is no “Dante”.) But the physical book in the movie is in fact one by Swedish filmmaker Kay Pollak, and it’s called (translated) “To Choose Joy”. One of the actresses read a certain paragraph from the book aloud and a crushingly overwhelming insight dawned on me: That there was no other time when this part of the film could have been made. Each and every moment, good, vexing and awful, had built itself from within towards this particular event. I mean, think about it – We finally got the best possible weather that we could have killed for with the deadline of Mother Nature breathing down our necks, the best atmosphere oscillating between that of a joyride and the chaos in side-splitting lunacy, a well-prepared crew and possibly even more well-prepared actors. (Not that I’m saying that anybody wasn’t well-prepared, but I was a bit… Off…)

And why was that book there in the first place? No idea. It was as far as I remember a gift and I have seen it in several copies in various places, but it could also have been any book in the world that I created the fake cover for. It was also pointed out – That “To Choose Joy” pretends to be / fills in for the “The Divine Comedy”. I’ve begun to realize what makes certain film-makers exploring the same themes over and over again until they have carved out a niche for themselves. It must be the drug. And the only way to feed the addiction is to keep chasing it, no matter what.

by Markus

Oct 19 2009

Suspended animation

Well almost, but we made it to the warm car eventually!

The third day of filming was truly a battle against the cold (yet sunny) weather, fatigue, light, and time. The entire day was one fast race (with some evil opponents)! While we shot the last scene our last camera battery was dying and most of us had – due to a very long day of hard work – trouble standing up. But we made it! Markus describes the day in a superb way below, so I won’t go into more detail and basically say the same thing in this entry. Below you can find some behind-the-scenes “Kodak moments” from yesterday. ^^

The 15 gigs of data from yesterday is now on three different hard drives and that feels very good. I have looked through the dailies and in whole I am quite pleased with the result. The majority of the shots look really good; if not even better than from day one! We had really nice – yet difficult – lighting conditions yesterday with a lot of sun and (annoying) clouds. That changed the lighting every minute or so and a few of the scenes have some overexposed parts, but nothing that can’t be “fixed in post”. Some scenes simply look amazing and these are right out of the camera! The pro-lens really captured the light in a beautiful way.

We still have quite a few shots left to shoot and time is running out now, but today I am not worried one bit – today I am happy because of yesterday. ^^

by intelligentlight

Oct 19 2009

…in the ascendant

Yesterday was a clear day with exceptionally favourable light for filming. Those conditions can’t “possibly” be re-created artificially. And last night’s plummet into the real world (Followed by uneasy sleep with very strange dreams contaminated by warped images and sounds telegraphed from the passed day.) somehow is reflected in the weather today – Ominous dark clouds, the unnatural cold and the intense rain that feels like a cold shower. (Both literally and figuratively.)

It once again defies expressions of near-euphoria to work with people who counterbalance one’s own numerous weaknesses, shortcomings and mental overturns, especially during a treacherously addictive undertaking like this one turned out to be. For zero to max in one magic moment. It all comes down to avoiding the one-way rollercoaster-rides straight down into the abyss. This project finally feels very real like a scorching fire – You need the warmth badly, but you get severely burned at the same time. Beyond the point of no return, it’s impossible to shake the reflections around the whole experience even for one whole hour – No matter how profoundly healing / damaging it is. The presence of the Paradise unseen creeps back into the mind with unmatched precision, slowly turning this day into a very long and empty detour back to something that may feel “safe”, but that insidiously looms in a corroding state of stagnation. (Yeah. Those terminal and with time more and more obvious “warning signs” in life that usually hint that a change is very much needed.)

I can’t wait to see the dailies, continue the “endless” discussions, plan the next step, get back to filming and everything that’s in between – In other words: Sense the motion that was felt yesterday. That ride into that parallel world. It’s a new drug with the characteristics of others drugs – The rush strengthens you momentarily, but it will ultimately leave you weakened and shattered. I for sure feel the withdrawal symptoms right now…

by Markus

Oct 18 2009

Re-constructing Paradise

The third shooting day came and went. Six hours non-stop of setting up the scenes, shooting (Not drugs. And nobody got to drink any shots either.), improvising and slowly submerging into a parallel world felt like a whole week. And it turned out to be a proper endurance test that began with me giving directions to the wrong (Of course.) parking lot and ended with everybody cold and tired enough to drive us all to uppers.

For me personally, the night before was a mix of short periods of anxiety-infested sleep and more or less constant white-knuckle worries around what foul trick misfortune would play on us this weekend. But sometimes no news is good news and the phone call from the second Boom Brother around 10 A.M. contained nothing that makes one wonder whether we’re cursed or not. Our crew was much smaller this time (Yeah, all right!), we had only one camera (Two would have helped, obviously.) and we had less time to finish the key scenes.

So the half-hour drive in a packed car ended about a kilometer from where we stopped filming last time. Instead of a quarter of a kilometer. (I’m glad nobody stabbed me for this, because it was all my fault.) So about 20 minutes behind the schedule we picked up where we left. The first concern was the surroundings and if they had changed so much in a month that it would cause a jarring continuity fuck-up. But it looked great through the camera and then we started. One hour went by fast and we were back on the clock again, despite the few interruptions (Both intentional and unintentional.) from passers-by.

Two hours later, we had moved ahead to the part of the film that has loads of static shots in one specific location. We ploughed through a majority of the script under the positive influence and the equally positive and highly infectious insanity courtesy of our great and amazingly patient actors. It’s almost like time stopped for a while. (And I kind of wish it had, considering that this was a balls-to-the-wall attempt to get somewhere after the aforementioned setbacks.) Last time out on the “battlefield”, we thought we had been lucky like the most successful card-sharpers in the Wild West for finding the actors who really fit in their parts like hands in gloves. This day cemented that feeling at least a dozen times over. Now, we know that this film couldn’t be made without them. And it wouldn’t have been a fraction as madness-inducingly fun. Sometimes, I had to pinch myself in the arm because I frankly stopped trusting my own senses at one point… And furthermore, it’s now quite easy to see how it’s possible to get violently sucked into something and not be able to get out. It’s like that old saying: “Everybody builds castles in the air, but only drunks move into them.” But either way, the fathomless gratitude that we, the film-makers, feel can’t be explained in words. (Especially not today on the set.)

After a short lunch-break around 2 P.M., we proceeded with the filming. We were constantly reminded of the fact that it’s mid-October – Especially when the sun started to set quicker and quicker. When the sands, the batteries and everybody’s energy levels finally were running out, we quickly shot the scenes that we had to shoot right there and now. And even if everybody sooner or later starts to lose focus, I think we nailed it. The temperature started to turn from “a bit too cold” to “fucking freezing” around 5.30, which pretty much was a good sign that it was time wrap things up. We quickly went through the script once more, and didn’t find any scenes that we had missed during the course of the last hours’ filming. (It would be so very unnecessary to have to go back there once more for a handful of shots. It’s not exactly walking distance to the set for any of us.) The next shooting day will most definitely be somewhere in the Göteborg-area.

The darkness approached fast and the fifteen minute hike back to the car was a very long one back to the real world again – The bags and the equipment suddenly felt heavy like hell, the craving for coffee started to be a real problem, the idea of someone’s paradise was nowhere in sight anymore and the milk-acid started stinging like, well, acid in arms and legs. But it wasn’t all that awful to be back in the warm car and on the road home.

I can only conclude this entry by saying that it was a surreal and satisfying day on all levels and that I once again hope that everyone had a good time. I’m not sure if our temporary bad luck has turned to good, but if it has, today was the ultimate proof of that.

by Markus

Oct 17 2009

Gothland Elysium – Official teaser one

This early teaser is created for the fans of the Gothland Elysium  project and does not represent the final quality of the film. This teaser is also censored due to copyright restrictions (and to keep promises) and also because we don’t want make our soundtrack official just yet. ^^

With that said, we hope that you enjoy this one!

The teaser is available in HD on Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook video:

by intelligentlight

Oct 14 2009

Future schedule

As filming is coming to an end on the Gothland Elysium project we have already started various post production tests. The editing, VFX, ADR/sound and music should take at least 2-3 months of time since we all have regular jobs. So I expect that we should have an early – and somewhat final – cut sometime during January of 2010.

After Gothland Elysium has been finished and distributed to various filmfestivals we will start pre-production on our next projects. Our current schedule can be found here (or by pressing “Projects” in the top menu):


Our next update will hopefully be a happy one about the final big day of filming Gothland Elysium. ^^

by intelligentlight

Oct 14 2009

The Grand Finale

We are back on track now (read earlier posts by Markus) and the grand finale will be this Sunday. After that we only have a few seperate scenes to film and those can be created within hours. The production has now been postponed over two weeks and the fall is here. I’m not worried about the colours in the forest though, because we can fix that with colour grading in post production. ^^ It is however a bit colder now, but the weather on Sunday seems OK! We’ll post news about the 3rd day on Sunday night or on Monday.

by intelligentlight

Oct 12 2009


To say that we’re relieved after an agonizing and very long Sunday is the understatement of the fucking century so far. (And nothing takes away from the fact that it’s heart-rending that bad things always seem to happen to people who simply don’t deserve it.)

Either way, filming continues next Sunday over an even tighter schedule than before. However, the very autumnal atmosphere may cause a bit of a continuity problem, plus that it’s not exactly warm and pleasant outdoors anymore. (Not that it actually has been that for three years or so.) But everything will go as planned this time, the almost jinx-like obstructions notwithstanding.

by Markus

Oct 11 2009

The silence is deafening

Up to now, I haven’t “sort of” believed in bad luck…

But seriously… Some things that happen are just excruciating on so many levels…

by Markus

Oct 4 2009


Due to the intervention of chance (Severe misfortune, more like.), today’s filming had to be cancelled without the slightest doubt.

We are deeply saddened by the reasons behind this and the subsequent uncertainty that inevitably follows, and we can merely hope that everything is going to be all right for those involved…

by Markus