Painting with Light

Here is the video which I basically promised in my last post.

Motion tests on location (HD)

As Markus wrote below, these locations were very creepy and yet intruiging and inspirational. In the film clip you will see some (of many) motion tests we did on Sunday April 19th. These are tests without a SteadiCam (actually spelled with an “i” here) to see how much motion blur and painting with light we get with rapid camera movement. I therefore slowed many of the clips down to 30-50% speed to see the motion. It looks very nice and works for some things, but other parts obviously requires steady and smooth camera movement.

It’s a shame that 60% of the quality and detail of the video gets destroyed when Youtube converts the video file. Oh well… Oh, and since Markus didn’t want to be “the actor” you are stuck watching me again. ^^

When we get our Steadicam-rig I am sure that we’ll post some tests featuring that too, but that might be the last video we will show here before we start shooting the film. During the shoot we will probably only show photos from the production.

Also please note that all of our clips, featured on Youtube, uses free audioswap music which is “OK” – but not even remotely close to the music which we will use in the film later on.

by intelligentlight