Pre-production extravaganza

Three weeks later and pre-production is still running smoothly. That is mainly because I have been so busy with work and IRL issues so I haven’t had much time lately to mess anything up. ^^ Casting is still a major topic, but we are far enough in that “adventure” now so are not worried that we won’t find actors in time for production.

We’ve also been checking around a lot for the last of the equipment of what to actually buy and what to rent during the production week. Lately I have been checking out filmtripods, HD-HDMI camera LCDs, various grips, microphone booms and even filmproduction cartrailers. I’ve also played with the idea of renting a Red ONE system, but I think that we’ll use that one next year instead. I’m currently checking out Panavision lenses to use on our far more interesting camera of choice. ^^

The real extravaganza and crunch mode will be in the end of June and in the beginning of July.

by intelligentlight