No sins of omission

Even if scheduling this project proved to be a not very inspiring situation with one foot in a logistic nightmare and the other one in a creative bottleneck, it’s at least safe to say that we have thoroughly managed to form the concept on which the entire movie’s plot rests. It needed some changes, of course. But they were for the better, and that’s the way you get from one point to the next. The point is that we have found something to focus on.

The story of the film is based on a very symbolic and highly classic work of literature, and somehow our ideas drifted towards that particular book’s ideas of the inner struggles and the pangs of consciousness (Or the lack thereof.) of one individual – The idea that we all create our own hells and that it’s quite easy to get stuck in those. But we also included a supernatural element to the script and the conclusion that you shouldn’t be careful what you wish for if it means that it could come true…

It’s still a bit too early to say if the idea itself survives the journey to the moving images, but at least it feels like it’s approachable now.

by Markus