It’s time

Tomorrow is, if everything goes as planned, the first of maybe two or three shooting days. (Yes, it’s a short film we’re making.)

The script was finalized two days ago, and we’re now getting all the props together and making some minimal changes to the proceedings. Time and abysmal weather conditions combined with no real schedule have all been enemies up to now. I’ve had my doubts about shooting this thing in September, but thanks to the fair and sometimes excellent weather conditions, the fall has been “postponed” and things are looking well.

The script has come alive, sort of, during the last re-writes. Most plotholes and continuity errors have been ironed out, but it still isn’t overly clear. We leave at least some the thinking and “puzzling the pieces together” up to the potential viewer, which subsequently leaves the window open for personal interpretations. The first synopsis (Which would have ended up as a feature-length film had it been transfered to a screenplay.) had the entire backstory explained. But it didn’t work with the central theme focused around the three characters. So we had to abandon the idea pretty early on and try to depict the culminating event in just under 30 minutes. I think it works all right even without the profound characterization. A 90-100 minute film would probably have been more intriguing and challenging on all levels to make, but it was not really possible to realize right now. Plus that we wanted to get this done this year and not in ten.

by Markus