April update

Hey again!

A lot of things has happened the last few weeks during pre-production of “Project C”. (We basically have a name for the movie now, but we will announce that later this spring.)

To make a long story short, our pre-production so far is this: get a budget (done), finalizing the script (50% done), production schedule July/August (tba), equipment (basically done), camera rigs (tba), sound equipment (done, new boom needed), electricity (done), transportation (done), props (far from done), food and lodging (done), film equipment (done), lighting (done, for now), film (memory in this case, done), external memory and backup units (done), music (maybe), foley artist (done), adr artist (done), editing and vfx solution (tba) etc.

Two of the five actors are at the moment are a big maybe, but we’ll see further down the road. A few of the extras and other actors are also somewhat “done”. We will however have an audition sometime in June.

We will do some recon this week “on location” to find the perfect spots for filming; places with good lighting, free from sounds/noise and available electricity. We will also start doing extensive surround sound/stereo tests on location soon.

Since we all have regular day jobs, which we focus on, we only work on some week nights and on weekends.

by intelligentlight