Locus desperatus

Ladies, gentlemen and everybody else – We finally have a title for the movie and it feels like we have exited the “hopeless passage” now. Some blood, sweat and tears were shed (Tears, mostly.) by the litre before the frustration lead on to the trusted, classic and well-overused “exclusion method”. (Which blows sometimes.) The title is of course different from the working one that we’ve been using for way too long now. It may not be the world’s most original or unique one, but the key point is that it’s refered to in the dialogue as well as it’s linked to the place where the story takes place. (And it doesn’t generate any search results on Google, so hey…)

The name of the film will be revealed when the first concept poster(s) and artwork have been done. (The script has also been finished for real now.)

by Markus