Suspended animation

Well almost, but we made it to the warm car eventually!

The third day of filming was truly a battle against the cold (yet sunny) weather, fatigue, light, and time. The entire day was one fast race (with some evil opponents)! While we shot the last scene our last camera battery was dying and most of us had – due to a very long day of hard work – trouble standing up. But we made it! Markus describes the day in a superb way below, so I won’t go into more detail and basically say the same thing in this entry. Below you can find some behind-the-scenes “Kodak moments” from yesterday. ^^

The 15 gigs of data from yesterday is now on three different hard drives and that feels very good. I have looked through the dailies and in whole I am quite pleased with the result. The majority of the shots look really good; if not even better than from day one! We had really nice – yet difficult – lighting conditions yesterday with a lot of sun and (annoying) clouds. That changed the lighting every minute or so and a few of the scenes have some overexposed parts, but nothing that can’t be “fixed in post”. Some scenes simply look amazing and these are right out of the camera! The pro-lens really captured the light in a beautiful way.

We still have quite a few shots left to shoot and time is running out now, but today I am not worried one bit – today I am happy because of yesterday. ^^

by intelligentlight