Gothland Elysium – Official teaser three

We decided to give you some colour in the last teaser. ^^

This third (and FINAL) teaser was created for the fans of the Gothland Elysium project and does not represent the final quality of the film. (This is a low quality 720p-version of the original 1080p video.)

It’s fun, yet challanging to create teasers for a short film. A trailer is almost out of the question, because it would probably give most of the movie away. I might try to create on later on anyway. So, these teasers are well…basically just a tease for our 30 min:ish short film “GE”. And…my guess is that this is the last that you will see (in video) from this project for about 3-4 months. The editing, ADR, sound, foley, music and VFX will take that long because we all have regular jobs which always comes first. But please stay tuned! ^^

The teaser is available in HD on Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook video:


by intelligentlight