In delineative form

There’s no denying it. It just won’t let go.

While we now do our uttermost to kill time in the most rampant way imaginable (That is, until we can get back “out there” to film the remaining scenes for this year’s project.) the edginess and the expectation is driving us up on the walls. Meanwhile, we’re keeping some kind of distance to it all. (With the sole purpose of avoiding getting devoured by the contagious and exhilarating one-two punch energies around all things “Gothland Elysium”.) So we decided to begin planning the project(s) for 2010 and beyond.

So far, we have both been writing down some new ideas that will eventually begin to form one or two new screenplays. Intelligentlight is working round the clock (It seems!) on the script for a short film entitled “Island Of Illusion” – A horror tale grounded in mysticism and alternate dimensions / worlds. We exchanged some e-mails earlier tonight and he spontaneously feels that it could turn into something really good, original and imaginative. And I have began exorcising ideas for another screenplay with the working title “The Switchman”. It’s a psychological thriller / drama that centers around a bunch of very damaged individuals in a neighborhood that begs to be wiped off the face of the Earth.

So let’s see where these winding roads leads us.

by Markus