“Island of Illusion”

…is the name of one of our future projects. ^^

Things are looking good for “Gothland Elysium” (G.E) again! While we wait for time to fly, so that we can get the last days of filming done, we have been working on various things (just like Markus mentioned below). I am really looking forward to reading his new script “The Switchman” by the way!

Anyway, back to the point: my new script is called “IoI” (Island of Illusion) – at the moment – and about half of this film is based on a strange and interesting dream I had around two weeks ago. I figured that I better write all this down while I still remembered it and I have. But now, after a few nights of writing, the story has become a lot more interesting. This script feels really promising so far and it is about 40% finished now. Most of my free time, in the following weeks, will be spent working on G.E though and I hope that we can start editing in the beginning of December. So I’m not really sure when I have will have a first draft complete for IoI, maybe sometime during December. We’ll see, G.E is priority one now – but I also want to finish the IoI-story to see if Markus likes it. ^^

The script for IoI will be around 30 pages (i.e around 30 minutes long) and have around 3-4x more actors/characters compared to G.E. My guess is around 40 characters, but only 3-4 mains so not that complicated. IoI will be a much bigger production, but my gut feeling now says that we actually can get this film done. It is still easier to create than PARABELLUM, which we will hopefully have enough resources, cash and people to create sometime during 2012. ^^ (Only time will tell…) Anyway, after I had written 8 pages of the IoI-script – and finished the introduction – I wanted to create a graphical theme/profile for the film and also a concept poster (hey, it’s fun OK ^^). You can see that one below and I hope that you like it. As always, in Firefox, right-click the image and choose the top in the list to view the image in it’s original uploaded size (the online PNG is a small version) And yes, there is a good reason why the cross isn’t reflected in the water. ^^

by intelligentlight