Vivid nights and scary days

This was a vivid night.

I was really sleepy when I got home from work yesterday; I have been working nights way too many times lately. Therefore the night ended very early last night – I went to bed at 8:30 p.m. (after a really nice hot bath) and I was planning to enjoy a book for an hour or so…but failed that miserably and fell asleep the instant my head hit the pillow…

…I slept non-stop until 7:30 a.m. the following morning and I had some really, really vivid dreams that night. I think that most of them occured maybe the last 4-5 hours of sleep. I remember a lot from the dreams and I had forgotten that I dream a lot of interesting dreams when I sleep longer. That’s not a really hard equation really… Anyway, I especially remember two dreams and I don’t think that these were intertwining, but the last one was so – extremely – vivid that I could probably describe most people and locations from it for at least a half an hour. And none of people I met or the places I visited exist in real life. That dream was an awesome trip. That got me thinking today. Many of my short stories and most of the movie scripts/story outlines that I have written, or currently writing, are loosely based on my dreams. Broken Circle III: PARALLAX (which we will start to work on during spring of 2010) is based on a dream I had about six months ago and about half the story of ISLAND OF ILLUSION (2011) is based on a dream I had about a month ago. When I got home today I spent 20 minutes just writing last nights dream into a bullet-based story outline and I called it THE CITY OF GLASS. Maybe that too will be a shortfilm someday. I know that I’d like it. *laughs*

I know for a fact that Marcus also has very vivid dreams sometimes and maybe that’s it…maybe that’s our thing, maybe that is the theme of the Boom Brothers? ^^

Dreams are very interesting to analyze and while some people think that dreams are just the brain cleaning up and “defragging” the impressions from the day, others think that we visit alternative dimensions, while we sleep, and that we are just as awake in those as we are during the day. I’m sort of in-between these theories at the moment and just a happy observer. I have also worked on a Swedish TV-series which had dreams as a topic, so maybe I – or we – should dig deeper in this field…

While having some nice dreams lately I’ve had a few nightmare daydreams. They are not many, but not few either. I quite often get reminded of that Gothland Elysium is not yet finished. We still have about of weekend of work left of filming to complete until we can sit back and enjoy Christmas (and start editing yay). Most of us – me included – are just too busy these days to have free weekends and this one is not different. Half of this weekend will be spent working on my thesis and the rest – hopefully – some much needed R&R.

I had a brief crash course in script writing with my students yesterday and I showed them some small parts from my scripts, as examples, and while discussing these projects I once again was reminded how time truly flies and that we got to finish the Gothland Elysium project as soon as humanly possible.

That crash course was a lot of fun, but that was a scary day.

by intelligentlight