Decisive through coercion

Each and every day the last month have consisted of barely comprehensible fractions of episodes mostly spent in a darkness that just doesn’t seem to let up. (We had exactly three sun hours during the entire November.) It has been pitch dark when I’ve forced myself out of bed with greater and greater effort, each time cursing over the fact that it has to be impossible to go into hibernation until April. And it’s pitch black when I leave the office building. (Which on one hand has high windows, but they happen to face a mostly empty asphalted area beneath a mostly dark and clouded sky.) These episodes merge together in an impeding vortex of  thoughts and impressions, making even seemingly easy decisions turn gradually harder and senseless. They shouldn’t be. It has almost come to the point where the business hours have been a chaotic vacation and the spare time has become monotonous and soul-shatteringly boring work that temporarily only can end by suffering through it. Without any doubt has this been an exhausting trip through an unusually uninspiring part of hyperspace.

The last and missing part of the film has naturally been a big part of this void-wasteland merry-go-round. The  project has had a very frightening and accurate striking distance and hasn’t been easy to steer away from mentally. But seeing the chances to complete the film fading away on the trail of a bolting demon is what has been most frustrating to endure.

This far.

That is until intelligentlight came up with a plausible and brilliant idea that also seems possible to carry out. This was definitely a turning point after the latest setbacks. (Scheduling conflicts, economic issues and so on.) We may not be on the track yet (Seeing how we have to plan the next step around this idea.), but we know where the bloody track is again.

by Markus