No news is good news, right? Wrong. Well, not really wrong either. Luckily, most things can be explained. It has been a long time (Relatively speaking.) since we posted anything here, and the sole reason for the hiatus has been the “holidays” and “getting back on track”. It’s a new year and decade after all.

First things first – Intelligentlight shot the final scene on January the 24th and edited a test-ending for the film which was presented on the 31st…

It was tickling – To say the least.

A heavy stone fell from our hearts and the last demon has probably been exorcised.

On a far more personal note there are just some lines of thinking that baffles one beyond belief in a bad way – If one is not supposed to get emotionally attached to a project, then why the fuck do it at all? Why even try if you are not going to be true to yourself about it? It’s exactly this kind of “professionalism” that has efficiently destroyed a significantly large part of what film-making is all about: Expressing something. The moment you start listening to “the critics”, things are bound to go down the toilet. First of all, people who are not directly involved in the process know just about fuck all regarding the reasons or objectives behind the project. And unless these people have the role as producers or whatever, their opinion doesn’t count in the least.

Adjusting one’s ways to please one or two whining assholes out there is not, has never been, and will never be an option.

by Markus