Beginning of the End

Yes, we are indeed back. I had planned to post this last week (and obviously didn’t ^^), but now – after reading Marcus great post below – I felt the need to continue these topics.

The complicated ending has been completed and after several exciting tests I believe that it works very well. It’s in dire need of VFX, but so are a lot of the scenes and I don’t worry about that now.

I have also spent some time getting the whole post production pipeline up and running.  There are many complex softwares involved and I am working on an official trailer for Gothland Elysium as a mere test of this pipeline/process. This trailer will show a lot more of the film than the earlier mood teasers and present one of the three stories from the film. The trailer, in its current form, is about 50% done and I am hoping to finalize it by mid February. This trailer will most likely have a production quality similar to the finished film. When this new trailer is online I will start working on the first rough cut of the film. Then it’s colour grading, Chroma Key, compositing, other VFX, audio, foley, ADR, music/soundtrack and endless tweaking to go. That will take a while… ^^

Eventhough we might show this film to a larger audience, we will not ask you for feedback afterwards. This project has been a very “educational” and rewarding experience (and a a fantastic ride). When the film is done we will like it and hopefully you will too. ^^

by intelligentlight